Thank you for pressing “send’!

Today I applied for a job online. After hitting the submit button I got the following email from the company:

Thank you for pressing “send’! We just wanted to confirm that we have received your application.

We know there are a lot of awesome companies out there, but we think we are pretty special and we are glad you do too. You put time and effort into applying, so our recruiting team will make sure we give your application the attention it deserves.

If you have questions, please check out our FAQ:

Someone will be in touch if your qualifications match our needs for the xxxx, Singapore role. If you are not selected for this position, keep an eye on our jobs page – we are growing rapidly, and adding openings all the time.

Meanwhile, here are some links so you can check us out and learn more about the company, if you haven’t already:

I thought it was an extremely simple but very powerful thing. Just an auto-responder right? Yeah, but with a few well-chosen words a simple process was turned into a nice experience.

It reminded me of another simple experience I had in the gym a couple of years ago. The gym I used to go to was not even close to my last permanent workplace but the staff were delightful and being greeted by smiles is always a great start to my session.

After my workout the manager spoke with me.  “Hi, Carl”, he said, “how are you doing? And great to see you back after your trip – New York wasn’t it?”

“Actually, it was California and Nevada, but thanks for asking, and how do you know my name?” I replied.

“I always make a point of looking at the names of those who visit the gym” he said, “and I like to find out a bit about them.”

His name is Ernest and he is man who, for me, stands out because of the simple steps he took to interact with me – one of his customers.  He took a few seconds to find out my name and a quick bit of information about me so that he could address me directly and engage briefly in some relevant and timely conversation.

And as all the brands I interact with struggle with emerging technologies and their implications and what to do with me as a Facebook fan or a Twitter follower, here’s a little reminder from one of your customers: some simple and basic things like knowing a little about your customer and making them feel just that little bit important by engaging in some relevant and timely dialogue goes a long way towards building affinity and getting me to love you a little bit more.

The online space provides more and more of these possibilities every day for brands to interact with their customers. And whilst potentially being swallowed up with technology driven innovation we shouldn’t forget that it is theses little emotional triggers that can often be the simplest and cheapest reason why I might choose one brand or another or one gym over another.

Or why, after this morning, I might now feel even more like I’d like to work for you.

And before you think, ‘what’s he talking about? – What’s one insignificant albeit nice email got to do with things? Think about this: I showed my COO the email I’d received after my application and he guessed the company straight away with his first guess – how’s that for branding? – Someone recognising the awesomeness in the way you speak with people. You’d have some of that, right?

Anyone else care for a guess?

For more reading on how important it can be to make people smile in an email see what Derek Sivers has to say on it:


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