It’s cheap but look at the breakdown!

  I really like Ryanair   Which is odd because I always tend towards luxurious and expensive items, products and services that I can’t afford. I think I like them because they are honest with their product.  You know what you are going to get and you get it.  In fact, you actually get some things which you don’t think you are going to get […]

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Barack and Hillary’s mashed up funds

For someone like me who (let’s face it) is quite up on 2.0 stuff generally and loves a good tag and remote application and the odd opportuninty to co-create, collaborate and share, the area of Mashups is not something I have had much experience with or exposure to. I attended a conference last week and we talked a bit about it and, as far as […]

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Why have I only just realised…

Why have I only just realized that Gmail is so so much better than Hotmail?  I have had a Hotmail account for years – many years, and have had this stubborn attachment to it based on the (not technically insolvable)fact that lots of people going back many years know my email address and, because I was one of the first to get a hotmail address, […]

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There will be a 100,000-fold shrinking of computer technology over the next 25 years

Check out what futurologist Ray Kurzweil is saying about computer processing power, its size and what this will mean for our learning environments.  Powerful stuff.  I was speaking on Virtual Reality yesterday and talked about how we (and companies and organizations) need to learn to play with people in these environments.                                            […]

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Unpacking the Chumby

Unpacking the Chumby Chumby Unboxed And Unpacked In HD – video powered by Metacafe

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I want this – NOW

I love gadgets.  It’s true.  And I am sufficienly aware – let’s say self-aware – enough to realize that my gadget craving is very often based not on any real need at all but simply driven by an appetite for technology, for it’s unpacking and the holding and using of a new toy. This means that many gadgets and some quite sensible pieces of technology […]

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