Stockbridge Consultants

I was recently contacted by a company called Stockbridge Consultants based in Korea.  I have no idea where they managed to get my contact details from – they actually called me at work – but I suspect it might by means that are not entirely honorable in a marketing-kind of way.  Anyway, that’s not my reason for writing this.

My first contact with this company was with a woman who said she wanted to send me some information about the company and their services and that I should expect that in the next few days.

The information arrived and a couple of days later I was contacted by a guy called Stephen Cooper who represented Stockbridge Consultants and wanted me to invest 10K USD or so in the stock of a company listed on the NASDAQ.  He proposed a sell price and a time frame and all the rest – basically after a few months I make a tidy little sum and then I’m supposed to become a client of theres and they go on to make money out of further commission-based transactions with me.  Nothing wrong with that I suppose.

I was hesitant at first as I always am when dealing in money issues and especially when it comes to trading.  Mr Cooper said he would call back the following day after I told him I wanted to speak with my financial advisor.  I did and he the next day he called back. I told him that I was not so sure about the investment (my financial advisor had suggested I avoided them).  After a few minutes and a change in tone from Mr Cooper towards some quite hard-selling he asked me quite bluntly if I was going to take the deal to which I replied, ‘No’. He then said, ‘Thanks for wasting my time’ and immediately hung up.  This felt like an inappropriate way of behaving for a company potentially wanting to work with tens of thousands of dollars of my money and, of course, made me feel immediately like I had made the right decision. 

I have emailed them three times about this incident.  They have not replied.

So, I’m writing this here mainly out of curiosity to see how high it will appear in Google Search!  Then for anyone Googling ‘Stockbridge Consultants’  after hearing about them (like I did) they will get the opportunity to read about my experience which may influence them if they are unsure about engaging in a relationship with them.