Posting from iPod touch

So. Just downloaded the Typepad app for my iPod Touch. Let’s see what this looks like.

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Getting those Stockbridge Boys on Google – well, my post about them on Google

Typing "stockbridge consultants" alone and my entry is nowhere – adding Singapore to the end of the search string and I come in sixth….. it’s a start

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Singapore GP Tickets – Unpacking

Unpacking my Singapore GP tickets

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Wii Fit – better than I expected

It’s not often something exeeds my expectations.  But Wii Fit did the other night as I was introduced to it by a couple of friends. I’ve had little exposure to the Wii in general – in fact, my exposure has been largely through a couple of friends championing the console and some of the games to me.  I should have taken more notice I suppose. […]

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