Blood Donation – Refused

I just went to donate blood at work.  But, I was refused as a donor because I lived in the UK for 3 consecutive months between 1980 and 1996 (actually I lived there the whole time).  Apparently they (the Singapore health Authority or whatever it is) are worried about Mad Cow Disease.  Now, I am no medical expert but this continuing ban seems a little […]

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Call of Duty – World at War

I've had this game a few days now and already I'm enjoying it just as much as I did the last one (Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare). Several reviews have said that it's just too much like the last one.  Well, that's just absolutely fine with me! I just love the dramatic and cinematic action scenes, the clear 'route' through the game and […]

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Stockbridge Consultants – Update

Since I first wrote about Stockbridge Consultants there have been a few developments and a few comments on my blog.  Whereas some people have shared my concerns about Stockbridge Consultants, the last person to comment actually parted with his money and is now busy trying to get his funds back.  He didn't go onto any details though. I found this article on the Motley Fool […]

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An email to Simon Mayo and Mark Kemode’s Film Review show on BBC Radio 5

I just emailed this to their show Dear Bill and Ben Thought you may be interested in a story I have just read about MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) along with a handful of former Hollywood Executives and their plans to 'Save (Film) Story telling'…. Although I haven't heard Mark use his infamous phrase for a few weeks now, I'm sure that the "Death of […]

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Evil c*nts in China

Image from Ricky's Blog From Ricky's Blog (I really love this man) (Week thirty-eight – November 2008 ) Talking of animals. There's a special gala performance of The Jungle Book at The Bloomsbury Theatre on the 22nd December in aid of Animals Asia. They basically rescue bears from evil cunts in China. So please by a ticket.

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Friday afternoon presentation to IDA

Minutes before the presentation

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Money From Blogging

This article is a response to a piece on the Web In Travel website where Siew Hoon talks to a guy who wants to make money from his blog. Wow! What a question – “how can I make money from my blog?"  I'm surprised at this question – I think people who ask this question are asking the wrong question.  But I suppose I should […]

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Malayan Problems

I spotted this yesterday in a display cabinet at the Old Parliament Building in Singapore.

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My Relationship with Ricky Gervais

I have been a fan of Ricky's for a long time now.  I can even remember him on 'The Eleven o'clock show' on Channel 4 a long time ago – probably before most people had heard of him or started admiring him. Then of course came 'The Office' and all the other great stuff that's come from this comic genius.  I have been living in […]

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