Am I too soft, naive and romantic when it comes to Twitter?

The other day I went to meet someone to talk to them about supporting them in organizing an event here in Singapore.  We’d spoken briefly about this on the phone before and he seemed pleased at my offer to help.  Practically his first question to me when we met was, however, ‘how many friends do you have on Facebook and how many followers on Twitter?’   […]

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Follow up to ‘Art – Music and Tears’

I listened again yesterday to Ricky Gervais and his Guide to the Arts.  He did, in fact mention the piece of music.  It is: Five Variants on 'Dives and Lazarus' As a collector of English folk tunes, Vaughan Williams was struck by the a tune he discovered in 1893 in a copy of English Country Songs called Dives and Lazarus. Over the next 40 years […]

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Art – Music and Tears

I was listening to the latest Ricky Gervais audiobook this morning – A Guide to the Arts.  It was hugely funny as usual and the, almost unique, mix of humor, glorious foul language, insight and intimacy.  He mentioned that there was a piece of music )he didn't mention the name) that he couldn't listen to in public because it made him well-up.  Well, for you […]

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The most horrible sms in the world

This sms/text made me want to go and kill someone – what I ended up doing was contacting the offending company and telling them I never want anything to do with them ever again.  I guess if I was younger I could understand what the fuck I'm supposed to do when receiving it!!!!

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