The #Expensify people wrote to me!

You know how when, sometimes, you uninstall software of unsubscribe from an emailing list you get an automated response asking you why?

Well I had an email the other day from the Expensify team asking why I hadn’t used their application. (Bascially it’s the same as with a lot of apps – looks interesting then play once then forget).

Although, in this case I don’t actually have expenses to deal with so the app hasn’t been relevant for me.

So I repsonded to the link on the email checking one of the response options to give my reason but also adding (in the free-form text field)  that I don’t have an expenses situation to deal with at the moment.

Then they actually replied!


Thanks for the feedback.  If you do find yourself working with expense reports in the future please keep us in mind.  We would love the chance to work with you again in the future.

Kirk Barrett


I now know what I’ll do when I do need something to manage my expenses.

#Times Plus – #Murdoch’s Times – That One – #Fail


Some time ago I took advantage of The Times (TimesPlus, Times+) offer via their iPad app to sign up for a month’s subscription for just GBP 1.0

Whilst not a big fan of The Times’ general positioning (editorialy wise) , I love the app – unique as far as I can see on the iPad offering, as it does, a beautiful electronic paper experience.  Being a succour for experience I have glossed over some of the content issues I have had.

Recently though I noticed the (now usual price) monthly subscription charges on my credit card bill.

So, I thought I would log on, review my details, my monthly charge and my statement… you know, all the usual stuff we now expect to be able to do online.

But can I do that with The Times? Can I hec.  Nothing is available.  No review of payment details.  No indication of the current subscription charge.  No details of payments taken to date.  nothing.

I have been in touch via email with their help team.  Apparently I can cancel by emailing them they told me.

These are the last two emails we’ve exchanged:

From Me:

Thanks for your reply.

Why is there not the option to Manage my own credit card details and view recent payments as there is with every other website I do transactions with?

From them:

Thank you for your reply.  We do not currently have the facility to link our payment system with the ‘My Details’ area of the website.  Our online development team does review feedback from readers and they are aware of the demand for this feature; we may be able to offer this facility in future. I will of course pass your comments to the development team for their attention.

“Are aware of a demand for this feature”?

Really?  No shit Sherlock.

Hopeless.  Really hopeless.  What a joke.


I’m Burgundy with Qatar Airways – so there!

I posted this on my Compnay Blog too.

Yesterday I received my Qatar Airways Burgundy Privilege Card.

I’ve only flown with them twice – from here in Singapore to London and back last month.

But, you know what, it kind of feels quite good to be recognized by them already.  And not just recognition, but also some benefits – the usual priority this and that (things that rarely mean anything concrete) but an additional baggage allowance.  That’s something that feels real to me.

Now, I don’t know much about loyalty plans specifically.  But I think I understand some of the broad ideas.  And I’m guessing that there are various strategy shapes that can be adopted  – time on each tier, average time to reach next tier, when and how much to reward etc.

Call me a succor for recognition but I feel kindly now towards Qatar Airways.  The rewards structure / strategy they have adopted – the one that gives me a new colored card after just 2 (long) flights – makes me feel wanted.  They have recognized that, not only did I join the scheme, but I actually flew with them.

With British Airways I remember getting entry-level status and then nothing else, apart from earning points, of course.  I felt like one of the masses.

Qatar have (it seems to me) recognized me immediately and then rewarded me for becoming a customer of theirs.

I’m still one of the masses – I know that.  But I feel just a little bit special too.