6 days until the A380

A380Being quite a geeky person when it comes to some things I just wanted to let you all know that in 6 days I am going on the inaugural  A380 Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to London.  And I’m really looking forward to it!

There are some things I really like about living in Singapore and one that comes close to the top of the list is having every opportunity to fly on Singapore Airlines (or ‘SQ’ as us locals refer to it). 

Not only will I be on the new plane sampling what promises to be the best (by a long way) economy  class in the world, but I shall be departing from  Singapore Changi Airport’s new T3.   It’s so typically ‘Singapore’ that we have all beeen using Changi Airport’s T1 and T2 thinking how comfortable and pleasant they are (I’ve never queued for more than about 5 minutes for any part of the security / check in / immigration process) when they decide to build a spanking new T3. 

I shall no doubt be wishing to be back in Changi when I arrive at Heathrow.  Given the persistent creaking and straining of every part of Heathrow’s processes, I’m wondering how prepared they are for a really big plane with lots of people getting off at the same time.  It suddenly just occurred to me as I write this that maybe we’ll all arrive at Heathrow’s T5.  I just checked and, of course, as I realize I knew already, T5 at Heathrow will be exclusively for British Airways passengers. 

Anyway, check back here for an exclusive on the A380 experience.  On the flight back I have used airmiles to upgrade to Business Class. 

I can’t wait!

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