After 9 days of training….

Vanda Boxing Club

So, it's been 9 (or 10) days since my first visit to the Gym.  After my first couple of visits it was a bit of a case of .."Jeeesh, what have I let myself in for?"  But I am so up for it now!!

Training is still hard but I'm not completely fucked the next day!!  I am even managing to start to get other gym sessions in on the in-between days.  The bag work is really good fun and it feels good to start learning how to punch and how to move.

Yesterday we were talking with each other and wondering who we might end up fighting! Funny to think we are developing friendships whilst preparing for our fights!

I'm going to ask if a friend can come along to the gym and take some pictures over the next couple of weeks and get some posted up here.

I am going to visit the Hospital in Cambodia in the middle of August that is the recipient of the money raised from the White Collar event. You can see my earlier post with a video of Ian's visit here

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  1. Carl, their is a photographer and video guy at the training every 3 weeks so that we have a record of training and for use on the big night. You were not there for the first one but the next session is Sat 25th.

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