Barack and Hillary’s mashed up funds

FundraceFor someone like me who (let’s face it) is quite up on 2.0 stuff generally and loves a good tag and remote application and the odd opportuninty to co-create, collaborate and share, the area of Mashups is not something I have had much experience with or exposure to.

I attended a conference last week and we talked a bit about it and, as far as I can tell, a lot of Mashups (essentially combining and meshing different apps and data sources to produce ‘new’ views and insights) overlay data onto Google Maps to give geographical views of data. 

The one that was mentioned at the conference last week involved overlaying data about property sales (the actual price the property had sold for) onto Google Maps allowing those interested to get a very up to date and very real view on the cost of living in a particular area.  I’m wondering whether actually having this information will itself impact on the process.  A few years ago a house buyer would, of course. have made some cursory checks before buying a house.  But now we have the opportunity to see data in ways that only serious players in the business used to have access to.  How seeing this data – how getting a view into people’s buying behavior and patterns will in turn effect subsequent behavior is, I think, quite fascinating.

Anyway, I write this because I stumbled on a topical example of a Mashup this morning.  If you check it out let your mind wonder and see what weird and crazy ideas for a mashup you can come up with!

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