The #Expensify people wrote to me!

You know how when, sometimes, you uninstall software of unsubscribe from an emailing list you get an automated response asking you why? Well I had an email the other day from the Expensify team asking why I hadn’t used their application. (Bascially it’s the same as with a lot of apps – looks interesting then play once then forget).

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Another one about our pals at Stockbridge Consultants

I received this via email as the guy said he couldn't add directly to this blog: Nin hao Carl. I’m sending from Beijing. Thanks for some warnings reg. so called “StockbridgeConsultants” (short: ‘SC’). First step:             Telefon. A lady (name unclear), and on a very, very bad voice-quality line, rang me up at the office. She asked if she could send me info materials […]

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Stockbridge Consultants – Update

Since I first wrote about Stockbridge Consultants there have been a few developments and a few comments on my blog.  Whereas some people have shared my concerns about Stockbridge Consultants, the last person to comment actually parted with his money and is now busy trying to get his funds back.  He didn't go onto any details though. I found this article on the Motley Fool […]

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Money From Blogging

This article is a response to a piece on the Web In Travel website where Siew Hoon talks to a guy who wants to make money from his blog. Wow! What a question – “how can I make money from my blog?"  I'm surprised at this question – I think people who ask this question are asking the wrong question.  But I suppose I should […]

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Getting those Stockbridge Boys on Google – well, my post about them on Google

Typing "stockbridge consultants" alone and my entry is nowhere – adding Singapore to the end of the search string and I come in sixth….. it’s a start

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Stockbridge Consultants

I was recently contacted by a company called Stockbridge Consultants based in Korea.  I have no idea where they managed to get my contact details from – they actually called me at work – but I suspect it might by means that are not entirely honorable in a marketing-kind of way.  Anyway, that’s not my reason for writing this. My first contact with this company […]

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