Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow by Neo Labels plus

Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow from Neo Labels on Vimeo.

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#Times Plus – #Murdoch’s Times – That One – #Fail

Whilst not a big fan of The Times’ general positioning, I love the app – unique as far as I can see on the iPad offering, as it does, a beautiful electronic paper experience. being a succour for experience I have glossed over the content issues I have had.

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Creating Magic Moments

Have you ever had a birthday or Christmas or other occasion when someone has given you a gift and you’ve thought, ‘that’s just what I wanted’?  I do hope that it’s happened to you. Do you remember how nice it felt? There are many reasons, of course, why that particular gift might have hit the spot.  Perhaps it was the latest book by an author […]

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Chumby Update

I was reading Stephen Fry’s latest Guardian piece  where he was talking about being able to order products normally only available to those with a US address.  It was particularly interesting to me as the ‘Chumby’ is something I have wanted for a while and it’s the example he uses so, "thanks, Stephen" I can thoroughly recommended Mr Fry”s podcasts too or ‘podgrams’ as he […]

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Posting from iPod touch

So. Just downloaded the Typepad app for my iPod Touch. Let’s see what this looks like.

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