Wii Fit – better than I expected

WiifitIt’s not often something exeeds my expectations.  But Wii Fit did the other night as I was introduced to it by a couple of friends.

I’ve had little exposure to the Wii in general – in fact, my exposure has been largely through a couple of friends championing the console and some of the games to me.  I should have taken more notice I suppose.

I was expecting something pretty cool but my reaction was simply that I want this and I want it now and I was immediately thinking through in my mind setting up my own Mii and adding targets for my weight and BMI (too high at the moment as my Mii on my far thinner friend’s Wii will testify too – he’s fat!)

I have an xBox 360 becuase of the graphics but the overall experirnce of the Wii Fit engaement means that the more ‘cartoony’ feel to the whole thing becomes irrelevant and even part of the attraction.

My flitting between Amsterdam and Singapore means having to either find more space in suitcases or leaving new toys behind at the moment.  But I might just go get one anyway.

Go play it for yourself and understand why it might be worth excess baggage payments.