After 9 days of training….

So, it's been 9 (or 10) days since my first visit to the Gym.  After my first couple of visits it was a bit of a case of .."Jeeesh, what have I let myself in for?"  But I am so up for it now!! Training is still hard but I'm not completely fucked the next day!!  I am even managing to start to get other […]

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Boxing Back On!!!!!!

On Wednesday evening I got a phone call letting me know that, if I wanted to, I could be back on the team for the Singapore October 2nd White Collar Boxing Event.  It felt both great to have that opportunity again and also a little bit like something else I didn't need just then having just gone through my first day of leisure after finishing […]

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One thing I said I would do before boxing was stop smoking altogether. Well I have.  And here's how.  More here

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