iPhone remote app and Apple TV


Last night I got the iPhone Remote App working with my Apple TV properly.  Previously I had only 'paired' it with iTunes and so had not got all the gesture control stuff working.  But now it is apired properly and it does work and it's simply one of the best bits of tech I have ever seen.  Awesome – really awesome.

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Why have I only just realised…

Why have I only just realized that Gmail is so so much better than Hotmail?  I have had a Hotmail account for years – many years, and have had this stubborn attachment to it based on the (not technically insolvable)fact that lots of people going back many years know my email address and, because I was one of the first to get a hotmail address, it resembles my name quite nicely and doesn’t have to be added to numbers which may or may not be by birthday or year of birth – you know what I mean.

Well, it was just a few weeks ago I decided to ‘migrate’ myself to Gmail properly.  I’m struggling to think why I came to this quite sudden decision, it may have been simply that one is Google and the other is Microsoft.  Reason enough right?  So, because my hotmail address was (is) so well established and I need to keep it, I quickly added a ‘forward all’ option in hotmail meaning everything that would have gone to my hotmail inbox now gets forwarded directly to my Gmail account.  In fact it’s never really in the hotmail inbox as far as I can tell. I still need to occasionally check the junk mail box in hotmail (does not get forwarded) but the reality is I now rarely need to visit  that, what I have come to aquickly ppreciate, is a really horrible and unfriendly email interface.

The Gmail interface and functionality is wonderful.  I’m sure many people who may be reading this are like..’errr…duh..yeah’ but for me, although I objectively knew it would almost certainly be the case, I just needed to feel it – to live it.  Well I have and I love it.  And I bask in Labels and an Archive and simple interface design that does what I want in a superb way.

I’ve learned that one needs to get out of routines (I’m good at getting into them) and to try new things.  Especially when you just know that it’s going to be so much better.

By the way, about a year ago I bought my first Mac. Can you guess the rest?