An Unusual (and most welcome) Twitter Experience with @pennjillette


I’ve been using Twitter for a long time.  Like most new things and stuff in the tech arena I was an early adopter.

I remember the days when Stephen Fry was the most followed person with hundreds of thousands of followers – a poultry number now of course.

Being fascinated with current atheist thinking I ended up watching a video the other day of Penn Jillettebeing interviewed by Piers Morgan.  I’ve known of Mr. Jillette for some time and even saw him perform with Mr. Teller in Las Vegas in 2001 (or so). 

So a couple of days ago I started following him on Twitter and noticed how his stream contained lots of mentions – i.e. he was directing a lot of his tweets as answers to folks.  So this morning I acknowledged this of him and, guess what? I got a reply within 2 minutes from him thanking me!

In a twitter world that has changed a lot from a few years ago it’s quite special to see that there are some ‘celebs’ out there who are still approaching it (despite huge numbers of followers and, no doubt, questions, comments and queries) with an intimacy and humility that bears some resemblance to the dreams and visions of those who first created it … 

Thank you Mr. Jillette – or maybe ‘Penn’ now as we’ve spoken? 


Ricky Gervais – Again

Yeah, I know, another blog post about Ricky but I make no apologies.  Outside close friends and family he is my favourite person on the planet. 

(image lifted from Ricky's blog)  

There is beautuiful irony in the fact that Ricky, in his most recent audiobook – Law and Order (extract here) – made reference to a forum on the Landover Baptist Church Website. What I don't link he realised is that the Landover site is iteself, in fact, a brilliant parody of ultra right wing Christian nonsense. 

So there we have it.  The creator of one of the best mockumentaries ever seen on television – The Office – appears to have been duped by a website – itself a brilliant parody.

And the thing is. I just know that Ricky would be the first to admit he was taken in (if indeed he was) and then pay tribute to the Landover site.  That's just the sort of thoroughly decent bloke he is.