Extra Training at Fitness First


The Pool at Fitness First (OUB Centre)

Today I have my second 'Personal Training' session with Salam at Fitness First at OUB Centre.  Salam won't help me with boxing specifically but just with trying to get a bit faster and fitter.  He doesn't know boxing but mentioned that he knows some other thing (as used by the Israeli Secret Service) meaning that he doesn't know how to box with me but rather he could kill me quite quickly…

On Tuesday he nearly killed me me getting me to run up and down the stairwell of the OUB Centre and all sorts of other stuff.  It's dying time again this afternoon.  I signed up for 20 sessions between now and my bout in October…. hmmm…..

You reading this Ian??? hahaha

Fitness First in Singapore

Sparring starts on Saturday


I got the seat!

intr.v. sparred, spar·ring, spars


a. To fight with an opponent in a short bout or practice session, as in boxing or the martial arts.
b. To make boxing or fighting motions without hitting one's opponent.
2. To bandy words about in argument; dispute.
3. To fight by striking with the feet and spurs. Used of gamecocks.

1. A motion of attack or defense in boxing.

2. A sparring match.

On Saturday morning we start our first sparring sessions.  Will be interesting and a little bit scary too.  I have heard that some people will probably drop out at this stage (based on previous events) as we move into real contact.  It hadn't occurred to me that that may happen.

If I am still alive at the weekend I'll let you know how it went…

Boxing Back On!!!!!!

On Wednesday evening I got a phone call letting me know that, if I wanted to, I could be back on the team for the Singapore October 2nd White Collar Boxing Event.  It felt both great to have that opportunity again and also a little bit like something else I didn't need just then having just gone through my first day of leisure after finishing with Philips Design and the 'other stuff' going on with my family.  Anyway, it wasn't long before I decided to commit to the idea again and yesterday it was all confirmed.  I was back on!

SG Boxers Names  

Coincidentally I was already heading to the boxing gym that night (Thursday) as I was booked into the months 'free training' for those who hadn't been selected for the event.  Nick from Vanda Promotions who had confirmed my being back on the event said I should go along anyway and see what's what.

The first thing to say about getting to the gym is that it's a pig to find.  But I'd left plenty of time and wasn't late.  As you get within about 100 yards of the gym you can smell it pretty well anyway! 

The gym was full of activity with people doing circuit training and bag work.  There was a real mixture of fitness levels and, shall we say, 'types'!  Some big guys, some smaller guys, some damn fit looking guys and some women too – all were contributing to the frantic activity and to the smell too I suppose.

There were two other guys who had turned up for the months free training and it wasn't long before we were warming up and then getting into circuit type work.  I found this hard.  I've been going to the gym regularly now but 40 minutes on the bike and some weights whilst helping tone up, build muscle and shed some extra fat, doesn't really prepare you for circuit work.  I'd always planned to do this kind of circuit work for the last month myself with a personal trainer but, of course, I thought I wasn't going to be training for the event so hadn't done it.  When it came to getting in the ring and some basic lessons in throwing a punch, I felt pretty fucked basically.  The other two guys were doing better than me and I felt disappointed with that.  It's been a long time since I felt that specific kind of 'knackered' feeling and seeing the other two guys doing better than me and have the 'coach' asked me if I was 'OK' with a concerned look on his face wasn't good….

Anyway, I got through it.  It's not often that walking out into the Singapore night air feels a relief but after that gym it did!!  God, it was hot – no fans and no a/c and 20 people or so training in quite a small space!!  I'll get used to it I'm sure… Anyway I'm now on the training for the people who are in the event now so that means back there tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 8.30 am.  As I write this I feel a little achey so maybe a massage this afternoon would be money well spent. 

More updates to come.

If you want to come watch me you might want to check here

Free Boxing Lessons!!!!


So, here I am, all kind of accepting of the fact of not getting into the Boxing event and thinking, ah well…I can go spend some time with my Dad and stuff in the UK in July after finishing work in June and then I get this!!!!  Decisions, decisions……

Hi Guys, 

Due to the overwhelming response to
enter the next White Collar Boxing event on October 2nd at Suntec City,
and the fact that some people were unfortunate in not being selected,
Vanda Boxing Club is offering all applicants free boxing classes every Tuesday and Thursday evening for the month of July

these classes you will learn about the basic boxing techniques,
nutrition and the fitness required to compete in a WWCBA boxing event. 

The first class will be on Thursday 2nd July

Classes will be every:

Tuesday 8:00pm

Thursday 8:00pm

All you will need is your normal gym equipment ie. shorts, t-shirt, and training shoes.

For direction to Vanda Boxing Club see - http://www.vandaboxing.com.sg/contact.php

Please email us back to let us know if you are keen to participate.

White Collar Boxing

On the 2nd October 2009 I will face an opponent in the ring at
the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore for three rounds of boxing. 

About 2 weeks ago I signed up for this event with Vanda Promotions here in
Singapore.  It’s called White Collar

 White Collar Boxing™ is so-called because
its many participants come mainly from the white collar professions. It is a
fast growing sport for men and women between the ages of 25 and 55 who look to
challenge themselves in a controlled boxing environment. With an emphasis on
safety, boxers are professionally trained in a 12-week program, to go on to
participate in a 3-round bout in white collar events sanctioned by the World
White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA). 


I suppose for a few months now I have wanted to do something
that would get me fit and then a friend, Jeff (a very fit and inspiring guy) suggested
I have a go at this.  He has been to
three of the dinners when they have the bouts and has at least two friends I
think who have taken part.

I was in Europe a couple of weeks ago and raised my idea of
signing up with members of my family.  I
suppose the reactions were diverse whilst not surprising to me.  All agreed that the training and fitness side
of things would be good for me.  It was
the hitting and punching bit where there was some disagreement. 

My mother, I think, hates all sorts of violence and she was
quite concerned at the ‘in the ring’ bit. 
My older brother was concerned that my head being hit could cause
damage.  (He didn’t seem concerned about
my opponent’s head which I hope is not indicative of how well he thinks I might
perform in the ring!)  My father, of
course, was 100% behind the whole deal. 
He, in fact, tried to get me interested in boxing when I was quite
young.  It is sometimes talked about in
my family that my father once said that I was not yet a ‘proper man’ because I
had not had a fight.  My father has
terminal cancer and won’t be around for much longer and one or two of my
brothers seem convinced that all this has conspired to cause me to embark on
this challenge at this time.  I am
prepared to accept this might be the case whilst, at the saVanda_promotons_2me time, thinking it
doesn’t really matter.  For me it feels
more about wanting to get fit, losing weight and, I don’t mind admitting it,
pitting myself against another man in the ring.

It’s very important to me that I am extremely well prepared
and that I look really good.  When I say
look good I mean look lean, fit and that I move well in the ring and box the
best I can.  Jeff and I were looking at
some photos from past events and some of the fighters, particularly the heavier
guys, don’t look in great shape.

For the three months running up to the event I will train at
the boxing gym two or three times a week doing a combination of fitness and
learning to box I suppose.  So that
should start around the beginning of July. 
As of yesterday I started my own preliminary three months of training –
basically three months of three or four times a week to my regular Fitness
First Gym combined with some pretty serious dieting.  My goal is to lose 12 kg before the beginning
of July.

So my journey has started. 
It feels like a great challenge and I am embracing it with passion and
purpose.  It also scares me a little – I have
never been a fighter and getting my nose broken and other bits of me hurt
worries me a bit however, for this reason, the challenge feels even more

By the way, it's all about rasing money for charity.  You can read about this bit here.

Check back here to see how I am getting on or, better still,
sign up for the email so you’ll know when there’s something more to read.

Details for the weigh-in for the next event in Singapore are on facebook.

The photos in this article are from the Vanda Promotions Website – I hope you guys are OK with that!

Wii Fit – better than I expected

WiifitIt’s not often something exeeds my expectations.  But Wii Fit did the other night as I was introduced to it by a couple of friends.

I’ve had little exposure to the Wii in general – in fact, my exposure has been largely through a couple of friends championing the console and some of the games to me.  I should have taken more notice I suppose.

I was expecting something pretty cool but my reaction was simply that I want this and I want it now and I was immediately thinking through in my mind setting up my own Mii and adding targets for my weight and BMI (too high at the moment as my Mii on my far thinner friend’s Wii will testify too – he’s fat!)

I have an xBox 360 becuase of the graphics but the overall experirnce of the Wii Fit engaement means that the more ‘cartoony’ feel to the whole thing becomes irrelevant and even part of the attraction.

My flitting between Amsterdam and Singapore means having to either find more space in suitcases or leaving new toys behind at the moment.  But I might just go get one anyway.

Go play it for yourself and understand why it might be worth excess baggage payments.