Another one about our pals at Stockbridge Consultants

I received this via email as the guy said he couldn't add directly to this blog:

Nin hao Carl.

Im sending from Beijing. Thanks for some warnings reg. so called StockbridgeConsultants (short: SC).

First step:             Telefon. A lady (name unclear), and on a very, very bad voice-quality line, rang me up at the office. She asked if she could send me info materials from SC. She allready got our comp. address, and asked if the address would be right.

Second step:    A week later I got a 5pages carton-covered brochuere (in red&grey colors), via express-post, for joining these elite club, and an attached client account agreement. Inside a name card from a Ms. Ashley Tyler Director.

Even they have had the exact address of our company (from where??), and reconfirmed, the address on the RAF-waybill showed a name of a company from Macao in the company field. Instead of street/address in the bill, there was the name of our company. Quite serious for a elite club. As shipper stated SC from Korea/Seoul, ASEM Tower, 159-1.

Third step:             I got a phone call yesterday from a guy who said his name is Mark from SC in Korea, and he would like to introduce me to a super chance to boost my money. Well, even I told him Im not interested at all, this guy talked and talked so eloquently about the chance for a share in an tremendous, upcoming investment-chance in Sportchannel from KIF Cenetics, or as the case may be. The whole nine yards of cold calls.

I didnt really listened, but I told him again and again and that Im not interested in any investments, in SC, or in sport-buiss-whatever, or in telefon brokerage, or any investments with companies I dont know, with guys I dont know, a.s.o.. But the kept on talking and talking, and he really tried to give me bad feeling to hang up.

Next steps:             Other phone calls, from colleagues from SC. I call it phone terror now. If, and I say if SC would be a reputable, reliable company, I guess they would have stoped trying to breaking my nervous system. But they are really stiff-necked.

And after what Ive read in your blog (I couldnt reply directly, caused by errors on page), Im quite shure that SC (I guess former Cambridge whatever) is a nest of humbuggers. Former contacts, with absolutely congruent procedure, broke up, after I told the guy straightforward that I dont trust him at all. He found sincere thankful words for my behaviour, and stealing his time, a.s.o.. But, however, the phone terror stoped. And, Im positive about the fact, that I saved my good money. 

Stockbridge Consultants – Update


Since I first wrote about Stockbridge Consultants there have been a few developments and a few comments on my blog.  Whereas some people have shared my concerns about Stockbridge Consultants, the last person to comment actually parted with his money and is now busy trying to get his funds back.  He didn't go onto any details though.

I found this article on the Motley Fool site and there's some stuff there written by someone who clearly knows a lot more about these jokers and their ilk than I do.  Apparently they are called 'boiler rooms'.

A colleague of work has been approached (phone call followed by brochure – a familiar MO) by a company called Cambridge Consulting / Consultants  also based in Korea.  We compared brochure styles and, let's say, we'd be amzaed if both Cambridge's and Stockbridge's respective collateral weren't from the same place!

Let the saga continue!