I’m Burgundy with Qatar Airways – so there!

Yesterday I received my Qatar Airways Burgundy Privilege Card. I’ve only flown with them twice – from here in Singapore to London and back last month.

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Hummingbird Bakery

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I’m going to London – this is one of the reasons:

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Burning Man – a personal experience. Part Two.

We’d turned off the two-lane blacktop and were heading down one of the six lanes constructed on the playa towards the entrance of Burning Man (BM). The sight of our first Mutant Vehicle had had us laughing and we were on the way to the ticket pick up still smiling from our first encounter.

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The Basics will always be the same.

In three weeks time I will be attending WIT and participating on two panels. And today I enjoyed a lovely lunch with Siew Hoon talking about the event, all the arrangements and how tweeters and bloggers can participate in the true spirit of engaged and connected consumers

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Burning Man – a personal experience. Part One.

My brother, Edward (who lives in London), mentioned going to Burning Man to me earlier this year quite out of the blue and, whilst not on top of my things to do list, there were enough images and thoughts in my mind collected over the years of this enigmatic event for his suggestion to resonate with me. It would be a long trip from Singapore to Black Rock City, Nevada and not inexpensive so when he didn’t mention it again, I decided to let that be that

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Search without Searching – implications for the travel industry.

I’ve written a couple of articles lately on websites/applications that allow us to plan a trip. Essentially they act as a portal providing access to information around certain aspects of the trip – the flight, the accommodation, and, as I recently reviewed in the case of NileGuide, events happening in and around my destination when I plan to be there

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NileGuide adds Events

  A few days ago, NileGuide announced their new ‘events’ functionality for their already great website.  I test drove the NileGuide website before here. As soon as I was on the site I immediately felt ‘at home’.  Although I haven’t used the site a lot, my experiences so far have been good and there’s something nice about coming back to a place where you had […]

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Oh Come On! Don’t you get it yet?

Now, I spend a lot of my life encouraging brands and organizations to engage with their customers in the social media space so what’s my beef here? Read the text again and think about it. Now let me summarize it for you:

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After 3 Days at the CSC in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

So, here I am at the end of day 3 of our trip to Cambodia.  We are here to visit the Children's Surgical Centre run by Dr Jim and his team.  I am here with Ian Mullane who runs Vanda, Andy Dyer who works for Ian and helps with our training, George – ex ESPN – who is filming us and Chris Snell who, like […]

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