Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow by Neo Labels plus

Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow from Neo Labels on Vimeo.

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Am I too soft, naive and romantic when it comes to Twitter?

The other day I went to meet someone to talk to them about supporting them in organizing an event here in Singapore.  We’d spoken briefly about this on the phone before and he seemed pleased at my offer to help.  Practically his first question to me when we met was, however, ‘how many friends do you have on Facebook and how many followers on Twitter?’   […]

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Call of Duty 4 is Incredible

I recently finished playing Call of Duty 4.  I’ve played Games on Computers and consoles for years – my earliest memories being catching falling arrows in a little green line drawing truck on a BBC computer, the tennis paddle game on a TV at a friend’s house and also  Manic Miner. But I have never been really into them and my playing has come in […]

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There will be a 100,000-fold shrinking of computer technology over the next 25 years

Check out what futurologist Ray Kurzweil is saying about computer processing power, its size and what this will mean for our learning environments.  Powerful stuff.  I was speaking on Virtual Reality yesterday and talked about how we (and companies and organizations) need to learn to play with people in these environments.                                            […]

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