Am I too soft, naive and romantic when it comes to Twitter?

The other day I went to meet someone to talk to them about supporting them in organizing an event here in Singapore.  We’d spoken briefly about this on the phone before and he seemed pleased at my offer to help.  Practically his first question to me when we met was, however, ‘how many friends do you have on Facebook and how many followers on Twitter?’   […]

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How many people am I (or should I be) online?

I was reading this morning on Twitter that LinkedIn will allow status comments soon (or it already is). And over the weekend I was looking at which allows the status updating of multiple media at once.  (there are several other services that will do this too)  So, for example, configuring your ping account means you can update facebook, twitter and tumblr (and many others) […]

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Evil c*nts in China

Image from Ricky's Blog From Ricky's Blog (I really love this man) (Week thirty-eight – November 2008 ) Talking of animals. There's a special gala performance of The Jungle Book at The Bloomsbury Theatre on the 22nd December in aid of Animals Asia. They basically rescue bears from evil cunts in China. So please by a ticket.

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Money From Blogging

This article is a response to a piece on the Web In Travel website where Siew Hoon talks to a guy who wants to make money from his blog. Wow! What a question – “how can I make money from my blog?"  I'm surprised at this question – I think people who ask this question are asking the wrong question.  But I suppose I should […]

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My Relationship with Ricky Gervais

I have been a fan of Ricky's for a long time now.  I can even remember him on 'The Eleven o'clock show' on Channel 4 a long time ago – probably before most people had heard of him or started admiring him. Then of course came 'The Office' and all the other great stuff that's come from this comic genius.  I have been living in […]

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Getting those Stockbridge Boys on Google – well, my post about them on Google

Typing "stockbridge consultants" alone and my entry is nowhere – adding Singapore to the end of the search string and I come in sixth….. it’s a start

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Back to It!

So, a new friend of mine just sent me a link to her Blog.  Incidentally it is all about food which I think is a pretty cool thing to blog about.  I felt a real sense of passion from the brief look I had and that, coupled with the lovely design, inspired me to get blogging properly.  So here goes.  Thanks to the food addict. […]

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A New Blogger

I recently heard from one of my best friends in the UK and caught up with his news. He has been busy! and one of the new things he had to tell me about was his Weblog. I had a look and it has inspired me to create one of my own (at least for the trial period!) and see what this new communication channel […]

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