Chumby Update


I was reading Stephen Fry’s latest Guardian piece  where he was talking about being able to order products normally only available to those with a US address.  It was particularly interesting to me as the ‘Chumby’ is something I have wanted for a while and it’s the example he uses so, "thanks, Stephen"

I can thoroughly recommended Mr Fry”s podcasts too or ‘podgrams’ as he calls them.  All available on his website.

Not everything brilliant is British, however. Ever been annoyed about
desirable products that are available only in the US? I recommend
which ships American goods around the globe. For us there’s VAT and
import duty, plus the website’s handling surcharge, but the dollar
still being relatively weak, transactions can work out cheaper as well
as making available droolworthy gizmos and doodads that can’t be found
here. I had a Chumby delivered to my door (
won’t deliver outside the US): it’s a soft, squashy Wi-Fi internet
device that loads customisable widget or gadget style programs. Through it will cost about £120, plus whatever Revenue
& Customs adds on

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