Free Boxing Lessons!!!!


So, here I am, all kind of accepting of the fact of not getting into the Boxing event and thinking, ah well…I can go spend some time with my Dad and stuff in the UK in July after finishing work in June and then I get this!!!!  Decisions, decisions……

Hi Guys, 

Due to the overwhelming response to
enter the next White Collar Boxing event on October 2nd at Suntec City,
and the fact that some people were unfortunate in not being selected,
Vanda Boxing Club is offering all applicants free boxing classes every Tuesday and Thursday evening for the month of July

these classes you will learn about the basic boxing techniques,
nutrition and the fitness required to compete in a WWCBA boxing event. 

The first class will be on Thursday 2nd July

Classes will be every:

Tuesday 8:00pm

Thursday 8:00pm

All you will need is your normal gym equipment ie. shorts, t-shirt, and training shoes.

For direction to Vanda Boxing Club see -

Please email us back to let us know if you are keen to participate.

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  1. Carl,
    This is how things seem to go, isn’t it? I can’t count–heck, I can’t even remember–all the times when I was all anxious about how I was going to satisfy multiple obligations, only to have one drop out. Then, I was happy because there was no decision to make. A short while later, another very appealing opportunity appeared and gave me another dilemma. Argh! Sometimes, I think I’m not cut out for this adult life at all. I’m basically a 10-year-old boy in a grown man’s body, so why do I have to deal with so much weighty stuff?!
    It’s not my place to offer unsolicited advice, but if I were in your position, I expect that I would go to visit my father. There will likely be more opportunities to have a boxing match in the future, as well as additional opportunities to do the training.
    Best wishes for peace of mind and equanimity, however you resolve this situation.

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