I want this – NOW


I love gadgets.  It’s true.  And I am sufficienly aware – let’s say self-aware – enough to realize that my gadget craving is very often based not on any real need at all but simply driven by an appetite for technology, for it’s unpacking and the holding and using of a new toy.

This means that many gadgets and some quite sensible pieces of technology too become the focus of my near-obsessive fascination only to be cast aside after much analysis on my part around whether I would actually use it and if I can identify a real need or desire for it blah blah.  Of course most things drop off at this point.  Recent casualties are the Nikon D300 (way too advanced for me), Apple’s Time Capsule (it’s rumored that my current external drive will get wireless Time Machine support from my Airport Extreme sometime soon) and a Lexus 250 / VW Golf GTi (simply ludicrously way too expensive here in Singapore).

But then I saw this – The Chumby.  For sometime now I have wanted wi-fi internet radio and I have thought about a photoframe by my bed too.  And my alarm clock is desperately analogue.  This is just awesome and very reasonably priced too.

No amount of soul searching and needs analysis is going to put pay to this craving.  I want it.  Now.

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