Is Facebook more important that your own website?

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Last night I was watching the Man United Liverpool game for a few minutes.  I don't really watch football but it was kicking off big time in the first few minutes with an early goal from Liverpool and then a penalty for Utd.  It was momentarily engrossing in the same way that watching a bunch of drunks kick the crap out of each other might be momentarily engrossing. 

Anyway, I'm already digressing.  I noticed that there was a URL being advertised on the pitch-side display for Barclays Football – it was something to do with Barclays anyway. What was interesting to me was that this was a Facebook page URL – the url was …. 

It reminded me of a recent trend I have noticed on the BBC World Service where the program hosts now encourage listeners to visit their programme's Facebook page rather than the respective BBC website section. Certainly the Facebook page is mentioned more often that their own website.  This is even the case on mainstream full-on news shows like World Briefing – I'm not just talking about the techie shows like Digital Planet.

Why is this I wonder?  Is it that the BBC and others want to grab involvement from people without expecting them to leave the Facebook environment?  Is it the fact that all the Social Media functionality is already there working and available without any bandwidth issues?  Any ideas? And what does this mean for company's own domains and properties?

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