It’s cheap but look at the breakdown!

Ryanair_winglets_2  I really like Ryanair   Which is odd because I always tend towards luxurious and expensive items, products and services that I can’t afford.

I think I like them because they are honest with their product.  You know what you are going to get and you get it.  In fact, you actually get some things which you don’t think you are going to get – like one of the most punctual airlines in Europe and the airline that is the best (if not number one, then close) at not losing your luggage.  They also stop the seats going back on short flights which I love because it stops me getting urges to kill the person in front of me who puts their seat back without even a cursory glance and reduces my legroom from 2 inches to -6 inches.

And I like them too because the fly from Eindhoven (where I am on business now and again) and London where my family and friends are and Dublin where my Mum lives.

I just booked a flight from Eindhoven to London for next Month.  The flight was 0.01 GBP!  But as us frequent users of Ryanair and other budget (low cost?) carriers know, that’s not the whole story.  We all know we’re going to pay the airport tax.  But…and here are the ones I’m still getting used to – 6.00 GBP for my bag because I am checking it in – I’ve had that one before but also: "3.00 GBP Passenger Fee: Airport Check In" and another "3.00 GBP Passenger Fee" for something else which I can’t remember.

The whole thing remains cheap and I’m glad for it, environmental considerations aside which I am conveniently ignoring for now.  But it’s a model I still have to get used to.  But I do get to see my Mom.

Here’s the breakdown: 
What’s the difference between ‘Total Fare’ and ‘Total Paid’ (apart from a factor of 2,200)?



*********0.01 GBP    Total Fare    

*********9.99 GBP    Taxes, Fees & Charges      

*********6.00 GBP    Passenger Fee: BAG      

*********3.00 GBP    Passenger Fee: Airport Check in      

*********3.00 GBP    Passenger Fee: CC      

********22.00 GBP    Total Paid


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