So, I have decided to organize a Singapore ‘tweetup’ -well, I say organize….

Tweetup_sticker So, I have decided to organize a Singapore 'tweetup' -well,
I say organize – I will sort out a venue and date and time and do my best to
see that it's well-publicized.

Why am I doing this? Well, the lovely @belindaang encouraged me (unsuccessfully
I should say – my own laziness) to attend a recent event she was going to
saying it would be nice to put a face to the tweets.  I agree with Belinda
and I'd like to put her face to her tweets too. 
I was also one of three people (@aplink and (the wonderfully named) @popmycherry
being the other two) who briefly tried to get the Singapore twestival up and
running a few months ago. We were beaten back by the Singapore Government
requiring several weeks' notice to grant permits for events that involve

I muted this idea of an informal tweetup at the end of last week and got some
positive responses from several people so I think there are enough people who'd
enjoy it.  I'm not sure if we should have any specific objectives for the
event other than it generally providing an opportunity for Singapore based Twitterers
to meet each other.  I am also very conscious that a 'physical' meet up
isn't necessarily what Twitter is all about for some people and I'm half
expecting some ardent local Twitterers not to be interested in attending. 
That's fine of course.  (I'm actually quite disappointing in real life but
I will be there!)

                                                                 Singapore                                                                                                                                  But, I would love to hear from anyone who has some ideas on
what we could or should do – maybe for future events if not this one.  I for one am looking forward to meeting (if
they are able to come) the wonderfully Web 2.0 @belindaang, the very bright and
informed @Nisha_Lakshmi, the very funny @roycheong1, the ever-popular  @AngMoGirl, my new good friend @callumlinden,
some of the Twitterers with the best profile pictures @applelovesshoes and
@deliciatan, the @StephenFry loving @laure_f  amongst others and all the other Singapore
based Twitterers that brighten and inform my day.

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