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I was recently contacted by a company called Stockbridge Consultants based in Korea.  I have no idea where they managed to get my contact details from – they actually called me at work – but I suspect it might by means that are not entirely honorable in a marketing-kind of way.  Anyway, that’s not my reason for writing this.

My first contact with this company was with a woman who said she wanted to send me some information about the company and their services and that I should expect that in the next few days.

The information arrived and a couple of days later I was contacted by a guy called Stephen Cooper who represented Stockbridge Consultants and wanted me to invest 10K USD or so in the stock of a company listed on the NASDAQ.  He proposed a sell price and a time frame and all the rest – basically after a few months I make a tidy little sum and then I’m supposed to become a client of theres and they go on to make money out of further commission-based transactions with me.  Nothing wrong with that I suppose.

I was hesitant at first as I always am when dealing in money issues and especially when it comes to trading.  Mr Cooper said he would call back the following day after I told him I wanted to speak with my financial advisor.  I did and he the next day he called back. I told him that I was not so sure about the investment (my financial advisor had suggested I avoided them).  After a few minutes and a change in tone from Mr Cooper towards some quite hard-selling he asked me quite bluntly if I was going to take the deal to which I replied, ‘No’. He then said, ‘Thanks for wasting my time’ and immediately hung up.  This felt like an inappropriate way of behaving for a company potentially wanting to work with tens of thousands of dollars of my money and, of course, made me feel immediately like I had made the right decision. 

I have emailed them three times about this incident.  They have not replied.

So, I’m writing this here mainly out of curiosity to see how high it will appear in Google Search!  Then for anyone Googling ‘Stockbridge Consultants’  after hearing about them (like I did) they will get the opportunity to read about my experience which may influence them if they are unsure about engaging in a relationship with them.

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  1. Hi there Carl,
    I have just stumbled upon your entry about Stockbridge Consultants, and I’d like to bring in my 2 cents for the common good. A couple of months ago I got a cold call from this company. Just like in your case they were talking about sending me some printed information and wanted to know my phone numbers, e-mail address, etc. I did not give them any more than what they already knew. I never got anything then, but just a week ago I got another call from this company, with the same questions. They promised to send me some prospects &c again and this time in two days I got a package with some nice-looking stock charts and a client account agreement. The same day I got a call from a different person who told me that they are a leading investment company building long-term relationships with their clients and that just now they are advising to consider investing into a company called Saviour Energy Corporation. Shares allegedly trade at $4.50 and they are going to hit $6 in a couple of weeks. Stockbridge Consultans knew this because they have access to some insider information and they are happy to help their clients make money. The guy whose name is irrelevant sounded very glib and easy, gave me a couple of links to his company and Saviour Energy to study but he wanted to call me back tomorrow in order to discuss my options.
    I told him to give me time, to which he readily agreed. I am sure that he will call me in a week. An hour of googling gave me a few hints, which I’d like to share.
    First of all, Saviour Energy has been widely used in so-called “boiler room” scams before. If you look at the stock history you’ll find that a thousand shares are traded per half a year, there are no reports or any other information any bona fide company would provide.
    Secondly, unlike any real investment company this Stockbridge only produces a couple of hits in any search engine, and these hits are discussions suggesting that this company is not registered with any government authority and always works from overseas. This name has not yet been entered into any alert lists, but I am sure it will be very soon.
    At this moment, there are quite a few warnings posted on security & investment authority web sites in the US, UK, Australia. In any of these documents you can find typical scam scenarios and tips how to spot a fraud. What was reported in this blog entry and what I am going through falls exactly into these patterns.
    Carl, thank you for your post. It did show up in Google, but only after I added “Singapore” to the search query. I am taking this opportunity to spread a word of caution to anyone who might be still unsure about what is happening here. I suppose that Stockbridge Consultants and their like take a country at a time before too many people get burned by their “hot stocks” and these tactics come out into the open.
    The final point: do your homework if you are not sure! The all-mighty Google is there for us. It is not that difficult to correlate facts into a coherent picture. You will, probably, spend a couple of hours on it, but it will be time well invested, unlike your money if you fall for a “fantastic offer”.

  2. Hello Serge & Carl – I just had a call purportedly from Korea from Richmond Capital Management pushing the same deal.
    I’m in Dubai.
    I have exactly the same gut feeling about it as the two of you. He’s apparently going to call me tomorrow and was not impressed by my stated intention of looking into the background.
    There must be more mugs out there than we imagine 🙂

  3. Hello Serge & Carl – I just had a call purportedly from Korea from Richmond Capital Management pushing the same deal.
    I’m in Dubai.
    I have exactly the same gut feeling about it as the two of you. He’s apparently going to call me tomorrow and was not impressed by my stated intention of looking into the background.
    There must be more mugs out there than we imagine 🙂

  4. Good one mate. Im in singapore and just received a call from these fools. Also got another one a few moneths back from Allwyn Group- another one of the same ilk and gave me the hard sell ( you eventually have to hang up on them as they are like Pig dogs, just wont let go). The boiler rooms must be firing up lately especially with the downturn with so little money to go around (or maybe theyre getitng rich as punters have lost their money and trying to do the get rich quick thing. Anyway heres a link to ( which has a thread about stockbridge. quite interesting/funny and saddening at the same time. One guy even tries to defend them but is found out to be one of them.

  5. I have had the same calls from the same people (Stockbridge / Steven Cooper). And unfortunatley I am a mug and have been stung. Is there any way to recover funds??

  6. Further to Carl’s update this morning I am the chap he’s referring too that has already succumbed and been tapped for several thousand $’s. Apart from the embarassment and the fact that I should have been more thorough in checking Stockbridge out I’d like to pass along some info re how they appraoached me.
    The gents name was Steven Cooper (initially) claiming he had info on a company called Sport Kinetix (SRKIF) that was about to be bought out and subsequently the shares would increase from $1.70 three fold. The next guy to call was a gent called David Hughes (both saying that they were fellow Canadians … I am Canadian working in Kuwait)a very smooth talker and seemingly quite “knowledgeable”. The spiel was that SRKIF was about to be involved in a buy out / takeover and the inside scoop was that Citi Bank had approved the financing etc and any day the shares would treble in value.
    They deal with Barclays Sechelles and HSBC in Shenzen China. Their business address is 30 Asem tower 159-1 Samseong-dong Seoul. ph +82260013211. I have contaced Barclays but no response yet and I’ve filed a complaint with the FSA. I don’t expect to see my cash again but I guess I deserve this for being so gullible. The thing is is that when these guys called I had been actively enquiring / searching regionally and in the UK for investment / brokerage firms for about 3 weeks so the initial calls didn’t really raise any flags. Perhaps someone form one of the companies I had inquired with may have leaked out my info or just a coincidence. Either way I down a chunk of change.
    I hope that by sharing this with you that it will prevent someone close to you from getting duped.
    Mark in Kuwait

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