The #Expensify people wrote to me!

You know how when, sometimes, you uninstall software of unsubscribe from an emailing list you get an automated response asking you why?

Well I had an email the other day from the Expensify team asking why I hadn’t used their application. (Bascially it’s the same as with a lot of apps – looks interesting then play once then forget).

Although, in this case I don’t actually have expenses to deal with so the app hasn’t been relevant for me.

So I repsonded to the link on the email checking one of the response options to give my reason but also adding (in the free-form text field)  that I don’t have an expenses situation to deal with at the moment.

Then they actually replied!


Thanks for the feedback.  If you do find yourself working with expense reports in the future please keep us in mind.  We would love the chance to work with you again in the future.

Kirk Barrett


I now know what I’ll do when I do need something to manage my expenses.

More good service and more timely response and thanks


Me to Coffee Bean:

I am sat in Coffee Bean at the moment at Republic Plaza.  I was served by a lovely smiling manager – Agnes Yam …. she's running around doing stuff, talking with customers and generally making me feel great to be a customer of yours.  She's awesome!!  Just wanted to let you know … Carl Griffith


Dear Mr. Griffith,

Thank You for your patronage and positive feedback on our Outlet Manager, Ms. Agnes Yap.

We do appreciate you taking the time to communicate to us and rest assured that this will be noted in her personal file for future reference.

We look forward to your continued patronage

C.c. Ms. Veron Lee (District Manager)
        Ms. Jenny Tan (Human Resource Manager)


Richard Howe
Director of Operations 

Excellent Concierge at 313@somerset


Copy of Email sent to 313@somerset

I wanted to write and tell you that last week I was sat in a cafe at 313 looking at the Taxi Stand and was taken by the continual smiling and superb courtesy shown by Mr Peter Ho, the Concierge Executive. I feel that he showed a large amount of really good service to those taking taxis and I imagined what a lovely end to the day it would be to have Mr Ho help me into a cab.  I was almost tempted to get a cab myself!

Singapore needs many more Mr Ho s.