Thai Express are fantastic (at least at Junction 8)

Something completely non-techy and nothing to do with anything really.  But I just wanted to say ‘well done’ to people who deserve it.

I just sent this email to Thai Express (a cheap and fast Thai food restaurant chain here in Singapore where I get take out sometimes)


A few months ago I moved to Bishan and often end up walking home via Junction 8

started calling in at your restaurant there and am now a regular
customer for take out – once every week or two.  The reason I am
regular is that the friendliness and the service of the staff is
excellent.  I am a foreigner here (although a Permanent Resident) and,
in a country not known for its excellent service, your staff at that
particular restaurant are always extremely friendly and efficient and
it’s both a treat and delight for me to make a quick visit to grab my
take out food after a long day at work.

The Prime Minister I know is very keen to bring Singapore up in
terms of a country ranking for customer service.  If every F&B and
retail outlet in Singapore was half as good as your restaurant at
Junction 8 it would make Mr Lee a very happy and proud man!

I am a very happy customer and would like you to take note of this
comment and pass on my thanks to your great team at Junction 8.

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