What is happening to Facebook?

What is happening to facebook?  Suddenly (and it does seem to have rapidly escalated in the last 2/3 weeks) several things have happened to make my empathy with and my closeness to fb change – for the worse. 


The author probably ranting about facebook

When I used to see an email notification in my hotmail account… ‘Facebook – xxx has sent you a message..’ – this used to mean that xxx had actually taken the time to write me an email.  Or at least I was sharing in a thread with people I probably knew. 

But now?  Now, I get the same kind of notification in my hotmail inbox but now many of these are for messages posted on my ‘funwall’ or my ‘superwall’ or whatever kind of wall I happen to have right now.  And actually, they are not messages.  In some cases they are nonsense and, in others, vaguely amusing videos and, in an increasing number of cases they resemble that terrible spam crap I get from some people – you know the kind of stuff, pass this on to ten people in the next two hours or you will die or your friend’s house will burn down or something…

Anyway, I don’t like this direction.  I never warmed to MySpace and I have always hated Friendster.  Am I going to end up hating Facebook too as it dives into and gets lost in Gigabytes of nonsense.

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